Same Day Content

Same Day Content

We’ve been creating same day content for a number of years now, mostly for the travel trade and event’s such as World Travel Market London, Latin America and The Arabian Travel Market. We have moved on from this a bit now but I still believe it’s a great way to build interest around your event and to boost attendance for the following day.

So you might be asking, what is “Same day content?”

Well essentially it’s just a video that is filmed and edited in one day. But that’s nothing special you might add.

I do believe it’s quite special when you see the quality of the content we are able to produce in a day. Trust me on this, we see a lot of event videos, and most take a number of weeks before they are delivered to the client, and they are still quite boring, lack any sort of storyline or creative content.

But instead of me telling you, here are 3 films we made in 3 days. Apart from 10 seconds of footage of London, everything you see in these 3 videos, was filmed and edited in a single day and uploaded to youtube by 5pm each day.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just one day’s work though, this does take an enormous amount of planning and preparation beforehand. It’s all about understanding the clients goals and message, and how we get these points across to the audience in a creative and engaging manner, and how to do it all in a single day. None of the content we shoot is just for pure aesthetics, pretty much all of it has a purpose and a reason behind why we filmed it or why someone has said what they did.

So with same day video content as a marketing tool for your event, there are obviously lots of different ways we can utilise video effectively to engage your audience and potential visitors. Some other ways, for example, are creating 360 VR live streams directly to your Facebook page. Here’s one we created for the Cake and Bake show in London.

Live in 360 Virtual Reality with @RosieCakeDiva at The Cake an…

Live in 360 Virtual Reality with @RosieCakeDiva at The Cake and Bake Show in London!